Broken Arrow Guttering FAQ

Why does my house need guttering

  • There are several reasons to install guttering on your home, the first being the protection of your home's foundation. When the runoff from the roof repeatedly erodes around the foundation, over time, it can compromise the integrity of the foundation.
  • The splash that occurs when this runoff hits the ground, can cause discoloration, premature wear, and mold to appear, on the lower part of the exterior of the house.
  • Air conditioning units, because of their close proximity to the house, are susceptible to damage from runoff directly onto the unit.
  • Concrete walkways, entries, patios and driveways can become stained and pitted without a gutter and drain system.
  • The installation of gutters over entryways and garages provide convenience as you leave and return to your home.
  • Gardens and flowerbeds can sustain tremendous damage if not protected by a gutter and drainage system.

Why should I choose Broken Arrow Guttering?

  • See the above notes

Do I need Guttering on the entire house?

  • While installing guttering on certain areas of your home offer the most convenience, it is recommended that guttering be installed on all the drip edges for complete protection from damage that occurs without them.

Should I replace my guttering or simply have it repaired?

  • Several aspects of guttering can be repaired more cost effectively than replacement, such as leaking corners, sagging guttering, and guttering that needs to be repitched to flow toward the downspout.
  • Beyond minor repairs it is often more sensible to replace the necessary sections.

Do the methods of installation employed by Broken Arrow Guttering differ significantly from those of other companies?

  • There is often great difference in the commitment to quality and methods of installation. Word done by Broken Arrow Guttering is the finest you will find anywhere.
  • Our sales staff will fully describe everything we do while installing your guttering. Our installation crews will also answer any questions you may have while they work.

Will Broken Arrow Guttering be able to match the color of my house?

  • With the many options available, we are able to match almost any color.

I live a significant distance from Tulsa, will Broken Arrow Guttering work in my area?

  • While we typically work within a 60-mile radius of Tulsa, we will take any area within a reasonable driving distance into consideration. Please fill out the estimate request form or call the office for more information.

Can I get a quote over the phone?

  • We cannot give an exact quote over the phone. However, we can give a general price one we have gathered some basic information.

Does Broken Arrow Guttering have the experience necessary to deal with problem areas around my home?

  • Broken Arrow Guttering has been in business for 25 years, so there are very few situations that we have not encountered.
  • Each member of our sales staff is required to spend a significant amount of time on installation crews before moving to sales work, and have extensive knowledge of situations and solutions. Our entire installation crew is also very experienced, and the supervisors of any jobsite will be experienced well beyond what is typical in the industry.

How does Broken Arrow Guttering’s warranty work?

  • Our warranty is the most inclusive in the industry. Our gutter installations include a year workmanship warranty and a 20-year material warranty.

Is Broken Arrow Guttering fully insured?

  • We carry both general liability and worker's compensation insurance. It is unequivocally important to us that our employees and your property are protected.
Protect Your Home's Foundation

Protect Your Home's Foundation

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